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  • What is WeatherBug for Android?

    This software is a weather-related alert platform. You will be able to receive notifications in regards to forecasts, you can view real-time satellite imagery and you can access real-time alerts in the event of severe weather.

  • Will I be able to download WeatherBug for Android for free?

    One of the most impressive features of this software bundle is that you will not be charged for any download. This also includes any future updates that may be required to address programming issues.

  • Is it safe to install WeatherBug for Android?

    This software is constantly monitored and upgraded in the event that any security flaws are discovered. Furthermore, the professionals at Softonic closely examine all packages before they are offered to the public. You should not be concerned about viruses and other forms of malware.

  • What is the file size of WeatherBug for Android?

    The total file size of this software package is 2.69 megabytes. However, please note that this size can sometimes vary depending upon the version of Android that you are currently using. You will learn the total size of this program once the download commences.

  • Does WeatherBug for Android contain any in-app advertisements?

    As this program is free, users will occasionally encounter in-app advertisements. These ads are targeted towards weather-related topics and they may also be partially based upon your previous searches.

  • Will WeatherBug for Android provide me with international forecasts?

    Unlike some weather forecasting software based out of the United States, WeatherBug provides you with access to international conditions. Please note that these may not be as detailed as those associated with domestic predictions. Alerts are only available for the United States.

  • Are there options to customize WeatherBug for Android?

    You are provided with the ability to customize several aspects of this program. Some options include setting searches for only local forecasts, changing between Celsius and Fahrenheit and selecting between several different languages. All of these adjustments can be enacted by navigating to the settings section.

  • Will WeatherBug for Android provide me with specific alerts?

    You can use this software as a means to access weather-related alerts such as if a severe storm is approaching your area. If you are living in the United States, these notifications are provided in conjunction with the National Weather Service as well as through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

  • What languages are supported by WeatherBug for Android?

    You will be pleased to learn that this program has been equipped with multilingual support. The three languages provided are English, Portuguese and Spanish. These languages can be adjusted from within the main settings menu.

  • Does WeatherBug for Android offer real-time radar imagery?

    Thanks to streaming technology, you can access real-time radar and satellite imagery while out and about. This is a great way to keep aware of any weather that may be on the way. Keep in mind that as this is a streaming service, you will need to have a fast wireless connection (at least 3G speeds).