WeatherBug 3.0.134

Check the weather on the move


  • Offers very detailed weather info
  • Clear map views
  • Seven-day forecasts
  • Live images


  • Some features restricted to certain locations
  • Can be slow to load

Very good

If you're looking for a more detailed weather app than the rather limited program, then check out WeatherBug.

This free app provides you with in-depth local weather information wherever you may be. WeatherBug automatically detects your current location, then pulls current data from your nearest weather station and displays this clearly on screen. It shows all manner of aspects of the weather including temperature (current plus highest and lowest of the day), wind speed and direction, wind chill and rainfall. It even goes into more scientific stuff like the dew point, pressure and humidity. A seven-day forecast is also available.

WeatherBug allows you to search for locations and store them in the program. You can then flick through the conditions in these various places with the touch of a button.

The maps feature within WeatherBug is well presented and shows you the conditions above through the use of overlays. You can choose which kind of data the overlay shows, from Radar, Satellite or Temperature. The maps can be zoomed in and out of very easy using the magnifying glass icons.

Other features of WeatherBug include video reports, and updated images of the weather conditions in the currently selected area (not available in all locations). There are lots of options and settings you can tweak in the program relating to location tracking, temperature notifications and units of measurements. Unfortunately, for some reason, the temperature scale on the maps can't be changed to metric.

Overall, WeatherBug is a powerful and reliable tool for getting detailed weather information and forecasts.

Spark lightning alerts User interface refreshed Landscape mode is back! Stability Enhancements


  • Spark lightning alerts User interface refreshed Landscape mode is back! Stability Enhancements


WeatherBug 3.0.134

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